Partly Automated Robot Welding Station for Single-Item Production


Many variants and small batch sizes are a challenge especially in joining technology. The high degree of automation is often not economical, so that many production processes are performed manually. Additionally, the higher price pressure makes manual processes at high-wage locations uneconomical and uncompetitive.

Benefits of the solution

Quick and easy setup of the multi-variant assembly cell leads to a needs-based scaling of the degree of automation. In addition, this technology ensures simple operability, without (or with little) robot knowledge.

Used technologies

A demand-oriented division of the work content between man and machine enables a demand-oriented process control and development for small and medium-sized companies. The intuitive assistance functions for easy adaptation and monitoring of product variants as well as the dynamic measuring concept help to achieve a reproducible product quality.

Fields of application

Especially SMEs in the field of special machine construction benefit from the partially automated robot welding station.