Human-Robot Collaboration in the Industry 4.0


The need to intensify the cooperation of humans, robots and production systems in hybrid teams is often not recognized. Also the consideration of already existing IT and production structures are mostly not or only with difficulty compatible. HRC-4.0 requires the integration of already established and the development of new security concepts.

Benefits of the solution

Safe, efficient and flexible cooperation of hybrid teams in socio-technical production processes leads to the relief of employees in ergonomically difficult or harmful activities. Collaboration across locations is also possible.

Used technologies

HRC-capable lightweight construction and transport robots as well as software-based assistance systems in intelligent environments are used in this context. They are supported by mixed-reality systems, distributed sensor technology and multimodal user interfaces.

Fields of application

Hybrid teams in versatile, cyberphysical production environments as well as cross-location manufacturing, maintenance and assistance are supported by HRC in I4.0.